Greg McTee is an accomplished American speaker, trainer and mentoring coach.Greg has earned millions of dollars mentoring and coaching teams in numerous international countries.

Greg is also a successful entrepreneur by using his earnings to invest in real estate and small startup companies. Greg’s philanthropy extends to supporting children in international foster care and paying college tuitions for young teenagers in need of education in Asia.

Greg has mentored and built numerous teams in several international countries.United States, Korea, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabi, South America to name a few. Greg has traveled to over 30 international countries.

He has several team members that he initially mentored and coached who have gone on to earn millions of dollars annually. Greg’s brand is Unicity which is centered in the ever growing global Wellness industry.

Prior to Unicity Greg attended the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles were he majored in business finance and the international entrepreneur program. Directly out of college Greg entered the commercial real estate business in Los Angeles where he completed over 1 billion dollars is leased or sold commercial transactions to companies such as United Parcel Service (UPS) Cannon Copies (Japan) and Federal Express.

Greg possibly like you experienced the dramatic income shifts in the global economy over the years.While successful monetarily, money was not Greg’s motivating life force.

Greg’s “Why” or passion centered around a BALANCED LIFESTYLE! A lifestyle where you can do what you want when you want, with the people you care most about in your life. He new success was a choice!

It's why Greg took control of his financial future and started his own Unicity business. He new a to obtain a passive residual income would come that would come in month after month, year after year could only be achieved by starting his own business. He then took that concept internationally.

Since joining Unicity International, Greg holds the title of opening Unicity’s first international country over 20 years ago, that being Korea. Today Korea remains Unicity's largest international market.

Unicity now operates in over 50 countries.Greg’s Unicity franchise is one of the largest globally for Unicity. Greg has served on Unicity’s Board of Advisors.