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About Greg McTee

Greg McTee grew up in Southern California. He was a top Colleagent athlete evidenced by being one of the top Pole Vaulters in the nation at that time by clearing a height of 17’ ft.-3” He enjoys all sports with his family from skiing in Aspen Colorado to scuba diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Greg was a Business Finance major at the University Of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. After graduating USC, Greg entered the commercial real estate field where he completed nearly 1 Billion dollars in total real estate transactions during his career. While an active real estate broker, Greg decided to diversify and start his own business in order to create his own leveraged income. That international business has now expanded globally into numerous other countries which he visits on a regular basis.


Greg’s passion is traveling globally helping people in different countries around the world achieve similar success as he has.  (Korea, Dubai, India, Thailand and the United States).


Greg and his family have lived in California with vacation properties in other parts of the world.


Greg is one of the highest paid franchise owners globally having a worldwide organization. He is an accomplished speaker, trainer and has been recognized numerous times for his global leadership and commitment to others. He has helped individual people earn millions of dollars in different countries. Additionally he has previously sat on the advisory board to the company.




I was in the commercial Real Estate field for many years. I had the good fortune of representing some or the largest Fortune 1000 companies in the United States in search of their corporate real estate facilities. With that something was clearly missing.

I have experienced the same business trends over the years as you probably have. Increased work pressure, shrinking commissions, including performance pay changes to income. I had no time with family and experianced dramatic swings in the economy. Income stability and true security seemed difficult to obtain. Please don’t misunderstand me; I was successful in attaining nearly mid six figure incomes that most Americans would be very happy with. The challenge was money alone never motivated me and was not my main goal in life. Happiness and life style to do what I want, when I want, with the people I cared most about was my driving force!

I was searching for a leveraged income that would create financial independence and time freedom. This would give me quality time with my family to travel the world! I began looking for a second profit center or business franchise that could provide me this life style. Fortunately for me I came across an business name that already had over a 100 year old tradition in the United States. They were launching a new division. I noticed several of the business entrepreneurs in the division were enjoying the lifestyle I was searching for.

In short over the years, I have been able to reach my dreams with a business that now spans the globe. It  has created a great quality of life so I can spend time with the people I care most about.

On this site you will find an easy, low cost way to start your business franchise. We are focused on Asia, China, India, Dubai, United States and other international markets poised for explosive growth. You will not be alone. In fact quite the opposite, as you will get the step by step mentoring and support you need along the way to build your new business.

Remember "Most people have several reasons why they cannot be successfull and obtain their dreams in life, when in fact all they needed is one reason why they can."                                     - Willis R. Whitney -

Best Personal Regards,

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Greg McTee